A History of Security

Trident Protection Group (TPG) is the sister company of Trident Fire and Security, which has served the Colorado Front Range for over 30 years. It was evident from existing clients that there was an increased need for a quality physical security company. The leadership, and staff of TPG offer decades of military, security, emergency service and law enforcement experience. In addition to being a customer service focused security company, our partnership with Trident Fire and Security offers us a distinct technological advantage over our competitors.

Trident Protection Group’s approach to security is multifaceted in that we actively listen to the client, assess their needs, assess the concern/threat/potential issues and develop a common-sense solution that is not only successful, but leaves our clients happy with their decision to hire Trident Protection Group. We take security extremely seriously, and we also take client discretion seriously. Our business is security, your business is yours.

The world has become so fast paced, that we feel it is imperative to stay current on security related matters. We also place a high importance on continually improving training, and staying up to date on technology advancements to better serve our clients. Ultimately, our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality security solutions available in the Colorado Front Range.