About Trident Protection

33 Years of History, and a New Direction

Our Story

Trident Protection Group was founded by Aaron VonFeldt and Brandon Evans. As owners of Trident Security Systems, with more than 33 years of experience and 1400+ customers in the security industry, we recognized the need for physical security and patrol services. Pairing physical security with expert knowledge of access/control, video surveillance and life safety systems was a natural progression. Since inception, we have enjoyed mutual success with our wonderful, loyal customers and look forward to continued offerings that will help them grow and protect their livelihoods.

We quickly identified Joseph Morales as our CEO and he has done a wonderful job of growing our team and keeping with the tradition of next level customer service.

Trident Protection Group CEO
Trident Protection Group


At Trident Protection, our team members are hands down our most important asset. We work hard to recruit top level talent for long term success. Many of our specialists have prior military or law enforcement experience, and often have operated in multiple sectors before joining us. All our team members participate in our in-house training programs that focuses on physical preparation along with diverse, critical thinking. Many of our staff are fully MED compliant and exceed local, state and national standards when it comes to experience, training, certifications and background checks.

Full Spectrum Security

Trident Protection is the sister company of Trident Security Systems. Our partnership allows us to offer all aspects of security services. Our access to the highest level of security specialists, combined with the latest camera systems, access control platforms, intrusion alarms, systems monitoring, life safety systems, and traditional patrol services allows us to combine each specialty into a custom package that can be specifically tailored to your needs.

Trident Protection Group Training
Trident Protection Group Patrol

Attention to Detail

The number one complaint we hear from potential customers with their existing security service is lack of attention to detail and follow through. As Vince Lombardi once said, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” To that end we are constantly working to improve process, deepen relationships and find ways for mutual success. Every client receives a no-charge, in-depth consult to define all procedures and processes, and set clear expectations. At that point, failure to meet those expectations is unacceptable. Through constant contact, we ensure a high quality of service is implemented and maintained.


Our team has complete autonomy with the capabilities to scale the security posture meet any client conditions. We are ready to operate as armed or unarmed, uniformed casual or formal, or business casual in order to suit the desired image that our clients feel best matches the presence of their business.

Every business or event has its own climate and style, and we are uniquely qualified to operate within those guidelines.

Trident Protection Group Patrol