Trident Protection Group Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol

Monitoring, Reporting, & Response

Our mobile patrol service can provide any level of security from a drive-by to exiting the vehicle for additional foot patrol, checking to ensure all doors are secured and folks working after hours are safe. Why rely on a security system to simply make noise and dispatch police that will take up to an hour to dispatch. No intruder wants to see our patrol vehicles or officers. We can provide on-the-dot or random patrol, to keep would be vandals and thieves at bay. We can also be dispatched should an employee feel unsafe leaving late at night or for employee terminations. Our work with Human Resources over the years has taught us many lessons and we are here to help you minimize threats from unhappy employees

How Patrols Help Keep You Safe

  • Keep would be thieves at bay and deter trespassers and vandals
  • Report emergencies like loss of power, water leaks, fire or unsafe site conditions
  • Promote Workplace Safety

Patrol Accountability

You work hard every day to ensure the success of your business. We work hard to ensure your hard work is protected. We use industry leading software with onsite QR codes for maximum accountability. Our patrols must scan these uniques codes that are posted to your site. This allows us to customize each patrol by posting these codes on specific doors, gates, equipment yards, tool cabinets, file storage rooms, even medicine cabinets. Each scan creates a secured digital log that can be viewed through the customer portal at any time. Gone are the days of physical logs, lost paperwork or patrols “phoning it in”. Sleep safe at night knowing your business is protected, and not worrying if the patrol has been to you site.

For additional accountability and reporting, we can customize the customer portal to allow for multiple logins. For example, a master or administrative login can have full access, while an employee or manager login may only have viewing of completed logs. This is particularly important if you do not want anyone else knowing when the patrol is occurring – avoiding any insider information leaking from your business.

Vehicle Patrol

While vehicle patrols are not made to take the place of a posted guard, they do make would-be intruders think twice about stepping onto your property.  For career criminals, they often case a property to assess the risk. For random criminals, they are just looking for a quick grab and go. In either case, the last thing they want is to get caught in the act.  A 24 hour on duty guard in a stock yard or a family dog have statistically proven time and time again to outperform burglar alarm system and even the most advanced camera systems. While both Burglar Alarm systems and Video Surveillance systems are great and certainly have their place in securing your business, combine them with a patrol service and most burglars or vandals will pass over these locations for more low hanging fruit.

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Bicycle Patrol

We have provided bike patrol services for several municipalities in an effort to reduce loss due to transient populations. We integrate with the local community to help direct those in need to appropriate resources and to deter those who seek to do no good. Our bike patrol service is a great cost competitive way to add piece of mind with a sound heart.

Foot Patrol

Our mobile officers are trained to identify would be thieves and vandals, and how to interact with them. We treat everyone we encounter with respect and understanding. We seek first to understand, then to be understood. When non-compliance becomes an issue, we can draw on a variety of techniques to achieve the desired result, all in a professional and respectful manner. We understand in hiring us, we represent your values and your reputation; therefore, we work with you to ensure a cohesive, measured approach to site security.

Customized Service

Our patrol service is more than a guy in a vehicle.  We can customize to include a wide range of services such as:

  • Locking and unlocking doors
  • Turning on and off lights
  • Checking watering systems
  • responding to alarms
  • Provide after hours security escorts
  • On-call dispatch to investigate suspicious activity
  • Coordinate closely with law enforcement