Trident Protection Group Access/Control


Complete access control for Employees & Contractors

Limiting who comes and goes is a fundamental security concept that will minimize risk to your organization.  We highly recommend limiting movement throughout your work environment without affecting efficiency.


Program any door to auto-unlock per a set schedule. Program your main entry door to auto-unlock during normal business hours 8:00am – 5:00pm or program your employee entrance to auto-unlock from 7:00am to 6:00pm. This feature even accounts for holidays and will not auto-unlock per the holiday schedule. Auto-unlock is a great way to ensure your business is locked when you are not there.


Keeping doors locked at all times and using a card, fob or biometric reader to unlock the door means you never have to remember to lock it.

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Keyless Entry

Gone are the days of the master key…and giving out those keys to employees, subcontractors or visitors. With credentials like fobs or cards, you can activate new employees or deactivate terminated employees or lost credentials and even set expiration dates for tenants with specific lease agreements.

Audit Trails

An additional benefit is the audit trail. An audit trail is an electronic record of who accessed what area when. Use this information to check camera footage and ensure employees are entering and exiting from appropriate doors, see what times they are coming and going, and determine if tailgating is occurring (following of one employee by another when clocking in


Lock down your entire system with the touch of a button, due to a treat or just shutting down the office early on a Friday. This is a full proof method for quick lock-down. You can even do this from any mobile device with approved login and passcode.